new IIT-JAM/M.Sc Biotech NewBatch@ 5th Januarynew CSIR-JRF/NET Life Sciences NewBatch@ 10th January

Full Time Classroom Programme and Batches Schedule

GYAN BINDU ACADEMY has made a comprehensive 5 months full time classroom teaching programmes for the Monsoon Session 10th July / 25thJuly / 10th Aug Winter Session 10th Jan / 25th Jan / 25th Feb batch in every year, the 10th July batch will appear for the December Examination and 10th January batch will appear for the June Examination.
The teaching programme is supported with reference study material, test and practice papers.This is uniquely designed under the time management method to provide maximum information in the shortest possible time.

CSIR NET 1st Bach Mansoon Session

Molecular Biology - 8.30AM to 11.00AM
Molecular Biology - 11.30AM to 2.30PM
Plant Dev. Biology - 3.00PM to 5.00PM